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Finding Courage – Confronting a Bully, a Friend, or Yourself – #1 of 4

Finding courage and confronting a bully, a friend, or yourself is a task that presents challenges. For one thing, we must learn the location of courage if we are to find it. Where should we look for courage? Many people search for years and fail to find it. Is finding courage – confronting a bully, a friend, or yourself with that courage – and resolving the problem an impossible dream?

No, it is not an impossible dream. It is a possible reality. The secret, as a realtor might say, is location, location, location. Where should we search to find courage?

Four Possible Locations

  • DNA, genetics, and heredity – A scientific search will show the things with which we were born. It can reveal the freckles and button nose our parents passed down to us. It will not reveal courage, however. Courage does not exist within our biological makeup.
  • Personality – This set of emotional […]
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Finding Courage – Confronting a Bully – #2 of 4

Finding courage and confronting anyone is a task that raises questions. Is finding courage – confronting a bully with it – and resolving the problem an impossible dream? What is courage? If you have not read Part #1, do study that foundational information before continuing.

The Bully’s Courage

The bully’s courage resembles – nothing. Bullies do not possess courage. For all their bluster, bullies are cowardly.

Finding courage and confronting a bully becomes easier when you know that. Bullies pick on people they sense are weaker than they are.

The Bully’s Victims

Remain unresponsive and yielding around a bully, and you may become a victim. The bully sees you as a weaker person, and sets out to conquer you. Maybe you do little or nothing when the aggressor tests your reactions to initial bullying. You do not fight aggression with aggression, but the bully defines passivity as the mark of an easy prey. You become […]

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Finding Courage – Confronting a Friend – #3 of 4

Finding courage and confronting a friend can tie you in emotional knots. The friend has offended you repeatedly, maybe unknowingly, and you want to change that. Maybe you fear the encounter will make you seem less accepting overall of your friend. Quite possibly, your friend will take offense in return, and the friendship will crumble. You may end up deciding the whole idea is a contemptible, low road. The truth is, however, that finding courage and confronting a friend about a problem is the high road. It is the safest place for you both if you base it on courage.

Part 1 of this series lays the foundation by defining authentic courage. If you have not yet read that article, you will want to do so before continuing.

The Safety of Courage

Finding courage and confronting a friend with that trait bases your discussion on convictions, not feelings. Feelings are part of your […]

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Finding Courage – Confronting Yourself – #4 of 4

Finding courage and confronting yourself on a harsh reality of life will set you apart quickly from the majority. Many if not most of us will do anything – absolutely anything – to avoid looking into the mirrors of our hearts. We run away from the mirrors by blaming circumstances or other people. We cover the mirrors by finding fault with others and creating excuses for our own failings. Take time for finding courage and confronting yourself properly, and you can stop covering mirrors; stop running away from your heart’s mirrors.

This builds on the first three articles in this series, so you will want to read them first. Part 1 is especially important, since it tells where to find courage for every part of your life.

The Scary Part

Finding courage and confronting yourself on harsh realities about “you” can be frightening. Your very reason for hiding from such confrontation may be […]

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I was very excited to discover your program. The animals are cute, the lessons well planned. It is exactly what I was looking for to teach character to my children. We love the books and I have already begin recommending them to my friends! Thank you for this awesome opportunity!.
C. Foronda, New Zealand
I am particularly impressed with the beauty and richness of the language of your series. Rich, colorful imagery and warmly personalized narrative combine with natural dialogue to engage and delight the reader. … little animal characters romp across the pages with a vibrancy, verve and a level of reflection, easily modeled by young audiences.
Dr. P. Noda, Eastern Michigan University
I really enjoyed your books and the message they provide students. They can be such a wonderful resource for me in the future. It seems that character education is not being taught at home anymore and it is left up to the schools to implement programs.
C. Newby, Kentucky
I have reviewed many websites and libraries reviewing materials on Character Education. I was really impressed by the information your site had and the material and resources available. I would like to be able to use this information and then promote it to area schools here in our area because like I said, good resources are hard to come by!
S. Whitley, North Carolina teacher
I just finished reading the books and they are wonderful. —just what we need for Character Counts! Thanks!
O. Saupe, Sicily - elementary counselor