Character Building for the Whole Family!

Character building – what is it? Will your family accept it? You’ve seen the TV commercials. “Talk to your kids,” they urge. They show boys going for a walk with Dad to discuss character traits; girls sitting down with Mom for a family values chat. Would your children and teens […]

Character Education that Teenagers Enjoy!

You’ve probably noticed that some teens seem to bond inextricably to cell phones, talking and texting incessantly about clothing and music! Character education has a big hurdle if it’s going to be enjoyable to that group. Teenagers are preparing to enter adulthood, and often find their enjoyment in what they […]

Character Education that Nine-to-Eleven-Year Olds Love!

Character education is exciting for upper elementary level children – and they love it – when your character education lesson plans and character education activities offer three captivating elements! You want to know what those elements are, and we’ll get to that, but let me ask you a question. Do […]

Character Education Secrets for Teachers!

Teachers, stop wishing your character education lesson plans were powerfully effective, and actually make them powerfully effective! Character education entered your curriculum without YOUR vote! Right? YOU consider character education a boring add-on to the curriculum! Don’t worry. Many teachers view character education as just one more new task. Character […]

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Demand the Best Character Education!

The best character education program requires not the biggest, most popular program, but effective application of absolute values for absolute results. Those who are serious about character building know instinctively that such things as size and popularity are neither requirements nor quality indicators – yet some programs act as though […]

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