Character Counts in Confirmation Hearings

Our President nominated a new judge to take a seat on the Supreme Court – highest court in our land. The nomination of Judge Alito met with immediate, polarizing cries: “Too radical!” “Terrific nominee!” The media proclaimed: “Political fight expected!” Is this what our founding fathers foresaw when they established […]

Character in Action Includes Cooperation

The nomination of a new judge, which I discussed yesterday will be in the news for many weeks, and while I don’t intend to follow every twisted thread of the story, I was caused to run through the list of character traits as suggested yesterday, and consider how awesome it […]

Responsibility in Business

Some call it social responsibility. It is the duty and obligation of a business to everyone who stands to gain through that business. In other words, every business, large or small, has a responsibility toward every person involved with that business. If you are a business owner, as I […]

Character Counts When it Comes to Video Games

I was just reading an article on the news about new courses being offered by United States universities. Well-recognized schools such as the University of Southern California are now offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in video game design. Having spent so many years as an educator, I couldn’t help […]

Good Character Impacts Political Correctness

Consider this: How does the exercise of good character impact political correctness? It does, of course. Good character impacts every decision we make during any given day – and it definitely impinges on the territory of political correctness. There’s an example in today’s news that, although it comes from the […]

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