Character Building Prevents “Profound Malaise”

President Jacques Chirac said, this week, that extended violence in France is the sign of a “profound malaise” among his country’s troubled youth. Clicking over to the “Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary” to be sure I was on the same page as the French president, I found two possibilities for “malaise.” The […]

“He Is a Man of Enormous Character”

This is what President Bush said when nominating Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. What did he mean? What do any of us mean when we say that a certain individual is a man of character or a woman of character? Better questions might be, “How does the listener or […]

Thanksgiving for Courage of Convictions

Since this Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in our country, I’ve been actively looking for ways in which citizens’ character in action provides cause for thanksgiving. I’ve been hunting character-in-action to show that society has not yet spun totally into decadence. One story that surfaced this past weekend is cause for […]

Thanksgiving for Responsibility

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and seeking good news for which we could be thankful, I ran across a story of a young British girl who exercised responsibility – and made approximately 100 people, plus their friends and families, extremely thankful. It happened nearly a year ago, […]

Courage of Convictions – MIA?

The current strike in New York City by the 33,000-member Transport Workers Union is illegal. A New York State law bars public employees from walking out. Period. Full stop. It does not say they may walk out if…. The law says that bus drivers, subway workers, etc. are absolutely forbidden […]

Character Counts in Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day. I wonder what it means to you. I wonder what is on your list of things for which you are thankful. I wonder to whom you are thankful. At the moment, three little house finches perch on the feeder just outside my office window. They seem very […]

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