Character Gives a Clear Conscience

A terrorist approaches the airport security gate ahead of you. He knows where the security guards are standing, but he doesn’t look at them. He averts his gaze, keeping his head down, looking away as he gets closer. According to Thomas Frank, writing in Tuesday, December 27’s issue of “The […]

Here’s to a New Year of Character

It’s here. The year 2006. I have mixed feelings about the brand new year that just toddled forth onto history’s stage. What will it bring? What joys? What sorrows? Through pessimistic glasses (I keep a pair in my drawer, don’t you?), the new year seems to promise more war, both […]

Courage of Convictions Exemplified

Did you read recently about the three adult sons who exemplified living by the courage of your convictions? It began in 2004 when one of the sons, a police officer, was reviewing bank surveillance videos. Jared Ginglen accessed a law enforcement Web site, and was watching a bank robbery […]

Character Counts in Entertainment Choices

I was surfing the Internet just now, looking for some good news to share as we begin a new year. There are several sites that specialize in this type of news – at least, they specialize in what they choose to call good news. Today was different, though. Today, it […]

Character Building Is Not Popular

Have you ever stopped to wonder why so few people care about character education and character building? Sure, they talk about it briefly if the subject arises, but it isn’t exactly something that comes up in everyday conversation. Even those who are entrusted with teaching young people character are often […]

Character Is Never Offended by Truth

In Texas, a lawmaker wants the University of Texas not to treat an Asian-American fraternity the same way other fraternities on campus have been treated when accused of hazing. He thinks it might offend the Asian community. Never mind the alcohol-related death of a freshman fraternity member. Instead of suspending […]

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