Mocking Character Out of Existence

Have you ever noticed that when society becomes uncomfortable with something, they mock it out of existence? They laugh at it until those who respect it are ashamed to speak about it in public. For example, just this morning I heard a TV personality tell a man, “You’re too pure […]

Character Counts, but Does Character Education?

Schools in the United States and other developed countries have been teaching character for some years now. At least they say they have. Teachers have learned to tell students that character counts. They are right. Character counts. The question is, does character education count? Character counts, but does character education […]

Character Education Lesson Plans – Powerful Enough?

Many teachers are looking for character education lesson plans. Teaching character education is not their choice and they lack interest; they lack time; or perhaps they simply don’t know where to begin. Whatever the reason, they don’t want to prepare their own, so they search the Internet for ready-made […]

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