Character Education Via Television?

Character education via television is the most common character education program we have these days. Virtually every young person is included, from toddler through teenager, and the cost is very low. We don’t have to find a place in busy schedules, since television is available all of the time. We […]

Character Education Is a Privilege

Character education is a privilege – and I believe wise educators treat it as such. A wise educator is far more likely to say, “I get to teach character education” than to grumble, “I have to teach character education.” “I get to teach” character education using character stories with interactive […]

Character Education – Building a Mansion

Character education involves building. The question is, “What are we building?” Some character educators are content to raise a small, ready-made tent of simple, lightweight materials: fabric, metal pole, and rope. Other character educators insist on constructing, from the ground up, a large mansion of strong materials: rock, concrete, brick, […]

Showing Character toward Elderly Parents

The other day, I was talking with a dear friend about problems encountered when placing an elderly parent in a rest home. As we spoke, I suddenly remembered a man of whom I have not thought for some time. Mr. Williamson (not his real name) was himself a senior citizen […]

Groundhog Day – Character Prognostication

About Groundhog Day 2006. That’s the day Punxsutawney Phil will give his prognostication about winter. At daybreak, approximately 7:25 AM Eastern Standard Time, the fat groundhog will crawl out of his hole after a long winter’s sleep, and give his official prediction. If he sees his shadow, he predicts bad […]

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