Thanksgiving for Compassion and Love

Thursday, November 24 is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States. Character in action in many lives provides a cornucopia of reasons for thanksgiving. Take, for example, the victims of hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Add to their number the victims of tornadoes in the Midwest and floods in the […]

Teaching Respect as a Character Trait

Over the weekend, I was privileged to drive through a picturesque part of Montana. The roads were bare, but snow still covered the ground; the many, small lakes we passed were still frozen solid. Two white tail deer raced across one frozen lake, while many more white-tails rested under fir […]

Character Education That’s Fun for 3-to-8-Year-Olds!

Character education can be fun for young children – and effective – when character education lesson plans and character education activities contain three secret ingredients! Before we discover those ingredients, though, I want to ask you something. Do you know that many parents and teachers don’t believe character education can […]

Character Education Attacks Bullying – Responsibility

Character education attacks bullying with forceful, clear teaching on authentic responsibility. Responsibility is not a difficult character trait. That is, it is not difficult to understand the meaning of responsibility. It is another matter entirely to accept and fulfill responsibility. Character education attacks bullying when that education models responsibility, defines […]

Character Education Attacks Bullying – Respect

Character education attacks bullying with total immersion in the concept of authentic respect for others. Respect is seen in those who: know that others have value; and always show that they value others appropriately. Character education attacks bullying by helping young people understand and embrace this vital quality, putting it […]

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