Character Can Be Legislated – and Is

Character can be legislated, and is in most civilized societies, despite the widespread belief that “you can’t legislate character”. Some readers will be quick to scoff, “Well sure, a theocracy can legislate character.” Yes, it can, and I believe non-theocratic governments also can, and do, legislate a degree of character. […]

Character Education for Universities

Character education is considered by many to be a stepchild of the elementary curriculum. They include it, but only because they must, giving it the least amount of time and effort possible. At secondary level, most give it only a passing glance, and at the tertiary level, few even think […]

Character in the Home

On the wall of our front entry, just inside the front door, hangs an old plaque. It’s a small plaque – not more than ten inches in width and perhaps eight inches in height. It’s cracked down the back, but the crack doesn’t extend to the front, so that doesn’t […]

Character Demands Totally Clean Speech! – Part 1

What do I mean by “totally clean speech”? I mean that kind of speech that never, for any reason, includes the slightest hint of a swear word, curse word, or substitute for such – never, for any reason, uses a word that is dirty or conveys an off-color innuendo – […]

Character Demands Totally Clean Speech! – Part 2

Character demands totally clean speech because, as we wrote before, the character trait respect is involved. A person of character exercises respect consistently – and that respect is shown in what we say. The children’s book, Georgey Giraffe’s Giant Respect, Character Companions® Series #6, teaches children that respect consists […]

Character Demands Totally Clean Speech! – Part 3

The last time I wrote, I promised practical help for turning not-so-clean speech into clean speech – turning bad language into good language. What is bad language? Bad language includes words that we all consider bad, off-color, dirty, adult, or obscene, as well as those fringe words we substitute that […]

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