Conscience Never Lets You Lean on Others

[dropcap]S[/fusion_dropcap]ometime ago, I wrote that conscience is the voice of character. Character depends strongly on conscience. As I was re-reading that blog, I thought of another facet that should be considered. Conscience never lets you lean on others. When that voice of character speaks to you, telling you what […]

Fired for Gossip in New Hampshire

If you believe your company or organization exhibits character, stop and think about this. Recent news accounts tell of four women who were fired for gossiping in a city government office. They lost their jobs because they chose to gossip about the boss and his decision to hire a new […]

If Character is Relative

Once again, I have been reminded of the current view that Character is relative. Children should not, many say, be taught character in a way that makes them believe moral absolutes exist. They should be given a possible meaning of each character trait, and allowed to work out their own […]

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