Character Demands Integrity

Character demands integrity, which requires courage. Yesterday, we looked at Michael Vick’s cowardly approach to an apology for his crimes. Afraid of the pain of authentic honesty, he hid behind generalities, misnomers, and other excuses. He pretended to take the high road by saying that he would not point […]

Lack of Character – Bullying in Elementary School

A lack of character results in bullying in elementary school. School personnel should know this, but many do not. That’s one reason bullying continues in spite of common character education efforts. Character education, in many schools, is a matter of glossing over general meanings, having a skit or other […]

Character Solution to Bullying Problem

Many schools in the northern hemisphere begin a new year tomorrow. Educators launch new goals with new groups of students. Students return with varying degrees of eagerness and trepidation. Before the first week is done, both educators and students are likely to witness bullying. Bullying is an unrelenting problem in […]

Character Education Attacks Bullying – Courage

Character education attacks bullying. Why? Isn’t bullying just a part of growing up? Don’t you remember when you were a bully – or the victim of a bully? Bullying is commonplace. In the United States alone, statistics tell us that 16 percent of students are involved in bullying. Of that […]

Character Surpasses Legal Rights

As students return to school in the U.S., the news is filling rapidly with reports of student rebellion. The amazing thing is that students and some attorneys are claiming legal rights for the rebellion. Want to wear a tee-shirt with a political message but it’s against your school dress code? […]

Character Education Attacks Bullying – Self-Control

Character education attacks bullying – and character educators know that they can make an enormous difference by attacking bullying with character. They don’t tell the students that. They simply teach character with every ounce of strength they have, and let the character building effort attack bullying. Character education attacks bullying […]

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