Disaster – An Opportunity to Teach Compassion

Compassion or caring, it’s the same character trait by either name – and the teacher inside me tried to force me out of bed to write this last night. I managed to sleep instead, but this morning I began thinking again about the opportunity a disaster presents to teach […]

Compassionate Sandra – A True Story

Today, with no conscious prompt, I found myself thinking about Sandra, a 12-year old, blonde, Dutch girl in New Zealand. As her face filled the lens of my inner eye, I smiled, remembering what a stunning example of compassion Sandra was – and thinking that she probably still is a […]

Ratbag – A Question of Respect

Yesterday’s thought about my years as a principal in New Zealand generated a second memory – about a teacher in our New Zealand school. To protect his innocence or guilt, I’ll refer to him as Joe. Joe seemed like a congenial, pleasant man when we first met. He showed due […]

Building Christian Character

Building Christian character involves tasks common to all character building, but also tasks unique to Christian character building. Among common tasks are: assessment; goal setting; mastery of meanings; action; and acceptance of consequences. Not common to both are, among others: the basis on which we build; motivation; role models; source […]

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