Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!

Craig stared at Teacher’s beautiful new green car. If only his fingers could run across the shiny car. But Teacher had said, “Don’t touch the car while I’m inside with your mother.” So Craig, hands in his pockets, just stared. “Hey Craig. Whose car is that?” Janie, Mike, and David […]

How Character Can Improve Life – and Save You Money

How would you like to learn a secret that will help you save more money? You have some type of interest in character or you would not have subscribed to this newsletter. Maybe your only reason for subscribing was to get free help in teaching a required school course: character […]

Voting Character into Office

Most secondary schools have an annual election. Many clubs have elections. Most of our readers’ nations have regular elections. Elections provide an opportunity to vote character into office. You may be teaching children and teenagers how to handle school or club votes. You yourself may be voting in a local […]

What about Self-esteem?

Today’s society teaches self-esteem as a “must-have” for children and teens, aggressively presenting this feeling as a major key to success in life. Development of a healthy self-esteem is vital, they say, to a child or teenager’s happiness and success. Remembering that self-esteem refers to a feeling that you have […]

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