Then I’m Not Interested

You probably remember our e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription to the Character Builder Newsletter. When we changed to that system, the company handling our newsletter mailings required that those who had were already subscribers go through a re-confirmation process. Most readers readily went through the necessary steps […]

Character Appetite

Do you have a good character appetite? Which of these “appetite types” is more like you? TYPE I •    You love character. •    You crave character. •    You think about character. •    You talk about character. •    You read about character. •    You always feel that you want more character […]

Teenagers and National Character Week

Whether your nation proclaims national character week or not, teenagers will benefit from an entire week of focus on character building. Those who are concerned about character recognize the importance of such a focus. They may, however, lack ideas for engaging teens in an effective consideration of character. […]

YOU Can Teach Character Successfully!

You are teaching character – moral values. Maybe you chose to teach it because you saw a need in the children or teenagers for whom you are responsible in some way. Maybe a supervisor assigned the course to you, possibly against your will, and you are required to teach it. […]

Using a Letter-Number Grading System

Perseverance is vital in academic work, and the young people with whom you work need to know that. Parents need to impress upon children and teenagers the need to keep at homework, and never quit until it is completed. Teachers should promote perseverance in mastery of each area of learning. […]

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