Teaching Honesty Honestly

…requires honesty. Most of us are teaching honesty to others, whether formally or informally. The question is: are we teaching honestly? There is a difference between teaching about honesty and teaching honesty. Example 1: “Mr. Kurtz,” second grade teacher, is required to teach honesty in a character education […]

Integrity, Poise, or Experience?

Which is most important: integrity, poise, or experience? As I write this, the United States is involved in a presidential campaign. Candidates are making speeches, often with little more to offer than the rhetoric, or speechifying itself. Promises are lavished on the public. Attacks are hurled at the opposition. […]

A True Story of Absent Integrity

(names changed to protect the family) A few years ago, a musician I knew in another country died. Since I had been acquainted with that musician’s parents and siblings for years, I received a lengthy tribute regarding her. The tribute told of unusually great accomplishments of the individual, beginning at […]

IQ: What’s your integrity quotient?

Have you ever exaggerated on a job application? Oh, you didn’t lie. You just sold your talents – implied an extra responsibility here – alluded to a possible qualification there – but never told a “real lie.” It’s just that the title of “secretary” sounds so much less successful than, […]

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