Teaching Honesty As a Character Trait

What is honesty? I’ve written about it other places. Jeremy Rabbit’s Honesty Pie tells children what it is, and Character Education 101, my free e-course for educators, tells teachers the meaning of honesty. Many people, however, don’t really know what honesty is. This past weekend, as I scanned TV […]

Character – in Saint Patrick, the Slave

Who said it? “I can’t help but wonder, are we now seeing the fruit of education that predominantly throughout our country has stopped performing any teaching on the basis of moral principles or what is right or what is wrong?” That question was posed by former American President Ronald Reagan, […]

Quality Character Education Can Save Lives

Quality character education can save lives. Good character education could have saved the life of a teen who died needlessly this week. When I heard the story, I listened with sadness, knowing that the boy need not have died that way; wondering when people will realize the importance of building […]

Character Counts across the Curriculum

Character counts across the curriculum, yet many teachers are saying, “It counts, but how do you find time to teach it?” The curriculum is just too full; they are just too busy; and it’s a challenge to find time for character education. They want to marginalize character. I personally believe […]

Character Education – Promise and Perform

It is one thing to promise to handle your school’s character education program; it is another thing entirely to perform that promise to the utmost of your ability. Character education should take priority over your other work. You know that, and you promised that it would, but…. Well, the students […]

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