Sexual Integrity is Vital For Teens and Adults

Do you Have It? Human sexuality, despite the emphases of entertainment and advertising industries, is much more than the physical act. It includes physical activity, but it also includes the prelude to such activities, and what we think is right and wrong related to these activities. A person of sexual […]

The Integrity of Job

Most of us have heard about Job and his exceedingly great patience. Job was also known for his integrity, however. •    Job was plagued with boils. •    His skin burned with fever. •    His children had been killed. •    His wealth had been taken from him. •    His three […]

YOU Can Teach Love Successfully in February!

February lends itself to the teaching of love as a character trait. This is especially true in countries where people exchange valentine cards and candies. Toddlers to teens, all are keyed into thinking about love in its romantic form, giving you a stepping stone to introduce the meaning of the […]

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