Resourcefulness for Your 9-12-Year Old

If you work with children between the ages of nine and twelve, you have a responsibility both to model and to teach resourcefulness to them. Using the material in this issue of the Character Builder Newsletter, you should be able to explain this trait to children in this age range. […]

Respect is Vital for Our Teenagers

Many parents and educators bewail the lack of respect among teenagers. We wring our hands over teens who refuse to listen; teens who mock our advice; teens who are disruptive in schools and families. Disrespect causes bullying, fights, classroom clowning, back talk, and even school shootings. A lack of respect […]

Respect vs. Bullying: Which Comes out the Winner?

Most people who work with children and teenagers readily admit that bullying is a problem. Schools institute various programs to eradicate it, focusing attention on acts of bullying and encouraging children to report any such behavior. Too often, however, we neglect the strong, positive teaching that will go so far […]

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