“Don’t Get No Respect”

Rodney Dangerfield’s comedic riff isn’t profound, but it is surprisingly popular. Just ask the Google search engine. It lists more than 3,000 occurrences of the phrase, with lack of respect bemoaned by… • Airlines • Cartoonists • Clergy • Flight Attendants • Grandparents • Housekeepers • IT Managers • Judges […]

“I Can’t Get My Teenager out of the Shower.”

“I need help,” the man on the phone said. “I can’t get my teenager out of the shower. He goes in, locks the door, turns up the radio volume, and refuses to come out. What can I do?” Most parents go through a time when their teenagers act irresponsibly. Teens […]

Teaching Responsibility to Children 3 thru 8

Children who can walk and talk are children who need to begin learning responsibility – children to whom YOU need to teach responsibility. Picture this. Small children are given a play area and toys with which to play. They play nicely, and when they have finished, they pick up every […]

Teaching Responsibility to Children 9 thru 11

An English idiom advises “Nip it in the bud.” That is, deal with a problem while it is still small and has not grown into something serious. Nip irresponsibility in the bud by working to build responsibility in children who are not yet teens. Children do not learn all they […]

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