Character Education and Illegal Immigration

Enormous, well-organized and programmed protests fill our streets as Congress debates what to do about 11-12 million people who have entered our country illegally. What’s wrong with this picture? Do you believe strong character education would change things? Wait a minute. Don’t turn away. That’s how we got to this […]

Fairness and Immigration

Fairness is claimed by many to be one of the pillars of character that upholds our civilization. It is a vital part of our interaction with one another. It should be taught in our schools and practiced throughout our nation. All right. I’ll agree with that. So how does it […]

Character Matters in Homeschooling

Character matters in homeschooling, and matters more than most other subjects you will teach your children. Character brings results in vital areas of life that remain untouched by the usual courses of study. Reading is often rated the most important part of the curriculum. It is true that reading skills […]

Character Counts Safety Among Its Benefits

Character counts safety among the benefits it offers us, but it’s often hard to convince people of that fact. If you mention it, you’re likely to get a raised eyebrow or two as they ask you, “How can character building keep you safer?” I just ran across a story that […]

How Do You Destroy a Nation?

Imagine with me that you and I are comfortably seated in a space ship, orbiting the earth every few hours from high above the atmosphere. We have been doing this for years – two members of a team of elite scientists. Imagine that every seat offers stunning views of the […]

Teach Equitableness to Young Children

Free character education lesson plans are my gift to teachers, and to parents who are home schooling children. Yesterday, I was writing a free character education lesson plan to insert in our newsletter, the Character Builder. The entire letter focuses on the character trait “equitableness”, and I wanted […]

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