Adaptability Endears You to Your Spouse

Have you ever thought about how adaptability can endear you to your spouse? Imagine this. It’s Friday afternoon, and you are looking forward to the weekend. You planned Saturday, your birthday, in its entirety, fitting between necessary tasks three hours with a couple of good friends. Enter your spouse – […]

Appreciation vs Ungratefulness

… the Opposite of Disregard, Neglect, and Ungratefulness. The English language uses the word appreciation in several ways. It can refer to enjoyment – appreciating art or music. It can refer to growth in value – known well by accountants and realtors. The character trait appreciation refers to acknowledgement, credit, […]

Appreciation is Basic

Appreciation is a basic requirement of good leadership. Managers, CEO’s, principals, teachers, parents, supervisors – we get others to do their best when we show them prompt, sincere appreciation. After all, people like to work for those who appreciate them. You like to work for people who appreciate you, right? […]

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