The Attentiveness Advantage!

Good at work and good at home. T. Faulhaberm, Editor of Business Forum Online, advises that one get a competitive edge by practicing what he calls AA! …The Attentiveness Advantage! The basis for his belief? Our common desire that others be attentive to our needs. He urges business leaders to […]

Most Likely to Succeed in Character Education!

Thousands are allegedly involved in character education, but who is most likely to succeed – to make a real difference? It may be you if you can give honest agreement to each statement below. •    I am passionate about character education for all children. •    I believe character education […]

So You’d Like to Teach Character? Part 1

A British TV interviewer recently termed our character education books and materials street philosophy. I was amused at first, but as the  interview progressed, I had to agree with the designation. After all, teaching character in plain, clear language, and seeking character-in-action as a result of your teaching is indeed […]

So You’d Like to Teach Character? Part 2

1.    Prepare to be proactive. If you have not read Part One, in which we discussed being proactive in character building, please search for it and read that first. 2.    Prepare to take the initiative… – even in a school that requires character education. The staff may welcome […]

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