Determination for Teens

Steven Spielberg proved, in the summer of 1965, that teens are quite  capable of determination. While visiting cousins in Canoga Park, 17-year-old Steven took the studio tour of Universal Pictures. “The tram wasn’t stopping at the sound stages,” Spielberg relates, “so during a bathroom break I snuck away and […]

Chess Teaches Determination

Chess is extremely beneficial in teaching determination. It is a great equalizer, and a game in which anyone with determination can excel. Experts say determination learned in chess extends into many areas: •    Improves reading test scores and reading performance in elementary schools. Source: Dr. Stuart Marguilies •    Improves […]

Love Means Having to Say You’re Sorry

Was that a typo? Shouldn’t it be “Love means never having to say you’re sorry?” That was Hollywood’s rendering, but is it accurate? Some interpret that statement to mean that if you love somebody, you never make them unhappy, so you never need to say, “I’m sorry.” Others say love […]

Joy Makes Us Agreeable

Joy makes us agreeable to one another and to ourselves. Joy is defined in several ways, most tending toward gladness or cheerfulness as we interact with others. A quick glance at a thesaurus paints a bright picture of joy with synonyms such as happiness, delight, euphoria, high spirits, gladness, elation, […]

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