Character – Can a Nation Live without It?

What do you believe are the top priorities of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)? What types of investigation consume most of their working hours? Terrorism? Yes, that’s definitely one. Cybercrime? Yes, they have made crimes committed on the Internet a high priority. Espionage? Of course. Those three […]

Fairness Must Be Required of Leaders

I’ve written before about our leaders and their culture of corruption – and now that culture is embracing a lack of fairness. This month, one of our leaders is singled out by his club, the United States Congress, as being above fairness. He apparently will be permitted corruption and criminal […]

Character Counts in Relationships

… or WYSIWYG Relationships What kind of relationships do you have? Stop for a moment and think about them. You have family relationships – children, siblings, parents, and extended family. You may have a marriage or dating relationship. You have neighborhood relationships, even if your neighbors aren’t really friends. You […]

National Character Counts Week – Plan at Leisure

Here we sit, barely into summer in the northern hemisphere, and I’m talking about an October event? You’ve made vacation plans. You’ve arranged family activities for the whole summer. You’re glad school is out for a few months, and the last thing you want to consider is October. You may […]

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