Submissiveness Is Strength!

Picture an elephant. Strength! Of all the animals that live on Earth, few are as strong as an elephant. Its trunk alone possesses more than 40,000 muscles, and weighs 300 pounds. With that muscular trunk, an adult elephant can lift objects weighing up to 400 kg. (881.8 lbs.). It can […]

Submissiveness Makes Safe Schools

Safe schools. How can we really get the job done? Many schools install metal detectors. They declare the campus a drug free zone, and hire police officers. They institute policies of zero tolerance on weapons and drugs. Schools still are not safe. Even as I write this, the online news […]

Submissiveness Test

How submissive are you? Add 2 points for a “yes” answer, deduct 1 point for a “no” answer. If you do not fit the described situation, pretend you do. Possible score is 20. 1.    I obey all speed limits immediately and willingly. 2.    I act immediately and willingly on any […]

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