Why I Wrote Little Zoh’s Submissive Trunk

Little Zoh’s Submissive Trunk was not originally written with that title. This book started its life with the title, “Little Zoh’s Obstinate Trunk.” That was years ago, when I first wrote the original story for a writing course in which I was enrolled. When I resurrected the story, I decided […]

What’s in It for You?

You gain incredibly when you help your students or children build submissiveness. •    Safer children •    Healthier children •    Happiness •    Loving children •    Improved academic achievement •    Orderliness •    Peacefulness •    A good name •    Time for yourself •    Respectful children •    Cooperative children •    Attentive children •   […]

Trustworthiness – Common or Rare?

Ask someone to pick a trustworthy politician, and see how long it takes for them to start laughing – or sighing – or snorting in disgust. Many consider trustworthy politician an oxymoron: a combination of contradictory words. It’s rather like speaking of a trustworthy safecracker. A series of articles I […]

Practical Trustworthiness

Consider the following steps that will strengthen your trustworthiness. These steps must be performed repeatedly and with determination, and are valid for any age. •    Activate Attentiveness Work to give undivided attention to others. Think of eyes and ears. Look others in the eye, and open your ears to […]

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