The Best Self-Confidence

Let’s begin by agreeing that the self-confidence usually discussed in magazines and on TV is nonsense. So is the self-confidence touted in a number of self-help courses. Many think we build self-confidence simply by deciding one bright, sunny morning that no matter what the odds are, and no matter what […]

Building Confidence in Teens and Children

What’s in it for you? Sure, the ones you teach will benefit by being more confident, but how will you benefit? •    You’ll enjoy freedom from pouting complaints of “I can’t do it” and “I never have been able to do that”. •    You’ll enjoy more fruit from your […]

How Building Your Own Confidence Benefits You!

•    You’ll relax more instead of always worrying about what others think and instead of trying to prove yourself to others. •    You’ll stop spinning your wheels in attempts to interpret the actions of those around you. •    You’ll be easier to love, and find it easier to love others. […]

Equitableness Does Not Mean Equality

Many misunderstand equitableness to mean equality, but it does not. Equitableness, on one hand, is the quality of keeping things fair and balanced. Equality, on the other hand, is recognition of things or people that are the same, even as the two sides of a mathematical equation are the […]

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