Character Education Lesson Plans Must Sell – Part 1 of 3

Character education lesson plans have a purpose, and that purpose is to sell high moral values to young people in a way that they find irresistible. Such selling is not automatic, of course. Character education lesson plans lying on a desk or standing on a shelf do no selling on […]

Teaching Kindness to Overcome Intolerance and Violence

Teaching kindness is an important requirement of character education and, therefore, vital to peace education. Those who want peace need to overcome intolerance and violence. Those who teach peace must teach character traits that will produce tolerance and non-violence. Kindness is one of those character traits. Intolerance How can teaching […]

Character Traits and Their Consequences

Character traits come with consequences – always – every time. Consult a list of character traits, and you will soon see this. You might think the consequences are always pleasant when we exercise character traits, unpleasant when we fail to exercise such qualities. But is that true? Do we always […]

Teaching Respect – Its Importance to Family

Teaching respect is an important part of family values training and character building. Even if a school, club, or other group is teaching respect to your children or teenagers, it is important that you reinforce that instruction at home. Teaching respect benefits the entire family by producing greater harmony among […]

Fairness Doesn’t Always Seem Fair

Fairness is a character trait. Character education teachers teach fairness. Parents teach fairness. Many religious leaders and club leaders teach fairness, but did you know that fairness is often misunderstood? Children yell, “That isn’t fair!” Teens sound off about unfairness, too, but do young people really understand fairness? Give […]

Perseverance – Not Just for Ants, Rams, and Snails

Perseverance is a character trait – a character trait of ants, rams, and snails? Did you ever watch an ant carry a large cookie crumb to some far away nest? Maybe you commented on the ant’s heavy load, but did you think about her perseverance? Did you ever see a […]

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