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Dear Friend,

You were led to our site, and we welcome you.

You are needed in society, because you realize that character is needed in society. You are one who will help us impact our world with higher moral values, and we appreciate you for that.

So – let’s get acquainted.

You are visiting Quiet Impact® Inc., a company founded by David and Elizabeth Hamilton, and publisher of the acclaimed Character-in-Action® books.

David and Elizabeth’s mission is to help you change the world with character building and character education. Their motto is:

“Making an impact through the quiet power of the written word.”

Their goal is to provide character education / character building books and materials that will help you get results, and help you dare more in character building because you will know that you will get great results.

David and Elizabeth write and publish from a background of extensive experience in character education, working with people of four different cultures, and teaching every age from toddler through senior citizen.

Professionals trained in the absolutes of objective moral values; trained, licensed, and experienced as educators, the Hamiltons also are well-traveled and global in their perspective and outreach.

In 2001, burdened by an increasing concern over society’s decline in moral values, David and Elizabeth formed Quiet Impact® Inc. and began publishing four series of character books, with supplemental materials to facilitate teaching and reinforcing the lessons of the books – so that you can get results, and change your world.


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