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“Perfect character education,” say Character-in-Action® co-founders David and Elizabeth Hamilton, “would be presented by parents, teachers, religious and community leaders who understand each character trait thoroughly, and who marinate the lives of those for whom they hold any degree of responsibility in that full understanding.”

Given the state of character in our world today, that is a tall order, and one that requires unique character builders using unique tools. Character-in-Action® is committed to providing such tools, and encouraging such builders. Already recognized throughout the world as a leading publisher of character books and materials, Character-in-Action’s goal is to reach out farther, and provide more tools to all those who are committed to changing lives through character building, whether they’re at home in a small Indonesian fishing village, teaching in a Nigerian private school, home-schooling in Canada, teaching in United States public schools, or tutoring in Ireland.

To that end, we publish quality how-to books for mature teens and adults, and quality fiction for children and younger teens – each title distinguished by a clear presentation of absolute moral excellence and firmness. We also provide supplemental materials that will reinforce the building of character: newsletters, lesson plans, and gifts, to name a few on the growing list.

Character-in-Action® is dedicated to the retardation of society’s decay through publications that provide character education for every age.

We believe that the Judeo-Christian ethic is the only objective set of absolutes on which to base character, and our materials adhere unabashedly to that standard. We recognize common grace as a deterrent to society’s ultimate spiral into an immoral abyss, and we purpose to stand for such grace, having an impact through the quiet power of the written word.

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