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I really enjoyed your books and the message they provide students. They can be such a wonderful resource for me in the future. It seems that character education is not being taught at home anymore and it is left up to the schools to implement programs.”

C. Newby – Kentucky graduate student in school psychology

“Our school, Colegio Las Hayas, has been ordering a variety of your books since early 2004. They have been very valuable within our Character Education program and recently we have successfully expanded into Primary with your Character Companions Series….”

G. Vanhaecke – MEXICO teacher’s assistant

“I was very excited to discover your program. The animals are cute, the lessons well planned. It is exactly what I was looking for to teach character to my children. We love the books and I have already begin recommending them to my friends! Thank you for this awesome opportunity!.”

C. Foronda – NEW ZEALAND home school parent

“I have reviewed many websites and libraries reviewing materials on Character Education. I was really impressed by the information your site had and the material and resources available. I would like to be able to use this information and then promote it to area schools here in our area because like I said, good resources are hard to come by.”

S. Whitley – North Carolina teacher

“I am so thankful and grateful for your kindness! I am definitely a loyal customer! It is nice to see kindness really DOES exist, and it’s not just something I alone am trying to teach my own children, and the children in my care as a child advocate and child care provider. Thanks, again! You certainly have the appropriate website!”

J. Bias – Puerto Rico child advocate

“I appreciated the seminar on your wonderful books!”

Dr. D. Johnson – Accelerated Christian Education representative

“The beautiful covers on the books are delightful. The materials … as well as the set of twelve books … have been given to …Executive Director of Curriculum Development.”

Dr. E. Howard – Accelerated Christian Education president

“I applaud your talent, commitment, and faith in action. … May I (invite) you to appear as guests on the ‘Education Connection’ radio show …?”

Dr. P. Noda – Dr. of Education – Eastern Michigan University

“I really like the work you folks are doing – keep it up!”

K. Fisher, Director – The Abraham Lincoln Center for Character Development

“Love your site, your commitment to character building , and instilling good qualities in children.”

F. Al-Haqq – CANADA home school parent

The Character Education Newsletters have been great. They have been shared to our staff and the ideas are outstanding.

P. Scalzo – Ohio teacher

“I absolutely LOVE receiving the Character-in-Action Newsletter. It is full of inspiring ideas that help me achieve the daily balance my family life needs.”

T. Zablith – FRANCE, www.mindingmanners.com

“We really enjoy your character building newsletters!”

L. Yoerger – Texas home schooling family

“…the Character Builder Series’ universal message of attaining the fullness of humanity through conscious, self-reflection is easily adapted to the public school setting. In fact, that ‘foundational approach’ could become the portal through which the skillful (and courageous) educator can elicit cross-cultural dialogues about the elements of character development (virtue) and ethics.”

Dr. P. Noda – Dr. of Education – Eastern Michigan University

“I read the whole thing last night — just couldn’t put it down until I had finished it and found out what Andrew decided to do! I think it’s a fantastic read, with a great message … I loved the book!”

M. Everett – Texas mother

“I thought this book was great… heart-pounding at times… a wide range of vocabulary, so it’s good for older people as well as teens. I would rate it 5 stars for suspense, vocabulary, and pure feeling!”

K. Pitts – New York teen girl

“My brother and I just received (the book) a couple of days ago, … already finished it, and really enjoyed it.”

A. Marshall – NEW ZEALAND teen boy

“(My daughter) has taken the book to school often to show her friends. She is eager to read the other books (in the series) so we will be ordering! Thank you!!! I am very impressed!”

Anonymous mother

“I just finished reading the books and they are wonderful. —just what we need for Character Counts! Thanks!”

O. Saupe – SICILY – elementary counselor

“I have purchased all of the books in the series at this time and am looking forward to future books.”

C. Doolin – Illinois school psychologist

“Thanks so much! …the students and I enjoy the books tremendously!”

R. Fuller – Mississippi teacher

“The Character Critters Series is a fun and effective way to help children learn about right and wrong. I will be using these books in our library classes for reading and writing activities.”

T. Donaldson – New York librarian

“I am particularly impressed with the beauty and richness of the language of your series. Rich, colorful imagery and warmly personalized narrative combine with natural dialogue to engage and delight the reader. … little animal characters romp across the pages with a vibrancy, verve and a level of reflection, easily modeled by young audiences. Beautiful illustrations punctuate the margins, providing visual cues for the young reader and prompts for enriched class discussion. (In this latter regard, it is a welcome relief to see beautiful illustrations, rather than the clumsy, often horrific caricatures that currently populate children’s literature, cartoons, and even textbooks. Thank you for the “visual treat.”)

I can picture the Character Critter series (especially, Christopher Cat’s Character Club) taking a place on bookshelves alongside classics such as the Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy series, Charlotte’s Web, and Winnie the Pooh.”

Dr. P. Noda – Dr. of Education – Eastern Michigan University

“Such cute books! I am sure I am going to learn from them more than my kids. I just wanted to say, thank you.”

R. Islam – United Kingdom home schooling parent

“These books are wonderful. The material (lesson plans) on the web site gives excitement to each lesson. Thanks!”

M. Gaban — Georgia guidance counselor

“I love Christopher Cat’s Character Club! I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. It is the type of book I loved to read to my students. It is one I will read many times to our grandchildren. Please keep writing – we need more books for children just like this one. Thank you.”

V. Rischpater – Arizona grandmother / former teacher

“I liked larning what real tipe of character was. It was also fun when we got to sing the song (in the book). I really like all of your books. Thank you.”

Lauren – Montana second grade girl

“The children became enthusiastic in remembering the definition, motto and song, and enjoyed creating their own ‘character club’.”

C. Foronda — NEW ZEALAND home school parent

” You wrot a good book. It is my favorite book. I learned to not tell lies, cheat, and steal. My favorite part of the story is when he had to eat the honesty pie it was my favorite part because he learned not steal stuff or lie, So he had to eat it when he was full from all of that carrot pie that was cooked by grama rabit.”

William — Nevada third grade boy

“When (dishonest) situations have arisen, the children have reminded each other — with great delight! — about Jeremy Rabbit, and that they may need honesty pie. they also repeat the sentence that was repeated in the book: “That was not honest, but Jeremy did not want to be honest.”C. Foronda — NEW ZEALAND home school parent

“I liked all of your books and my favorite was the elephant book. I liked the song, too.”

Jackson — Montana second grade boy

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