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Jaguar Thriftiness

Jaguar automobile’s Sir William Lyons exercised thriftiness. As Lyons visited the Piccadilly showroom one day, he was approached by the Sales Manager, who observed that the showroom carpets were quite worn, and threadbare in places. The manager asked if he could get new carpets. “Certainly not,” replied Lyons. “There […]

Teaching Christian Respect

Teaching respect might seem simple. Everyone knows what respect is, right? It doesn’t demand much. If a 10-year old talks back, but not loudly, he shows respect. If a 16-year old resists the urge to throw a plate when told to wash dishes, she’s respectful enough. When a 7-year old […]

Character Quotes

Character quotes … come to us from many ages, many countries, and many people. Some character quotes originated with religious men and women. Others came from statesmen, authors, or even football coaches. We have gathered here some of the more interesting character quotes. The inclusion of any one quote does […]

Quotes on “Appreciation”

Appreciation … begins by discovering how to observe and recognize others’ good work or good effort, and then acts to mention such work or effort, compliment, and express sincere thanks. “Once we discover how to appreciate the timeless values in our daily experiences, we can enjoy the best things in […]

Quotes on “Character”

Character…begins by accepting the existence of moral absolutes, and then acts consciously and consistently to develop inner resolve that permeates my inner fiber, causing me to harness the energy of those absolutes to every word and deed in my daily life. “The highest qualities of character … must be […]

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