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Character Education Attacks Bullying – Respect

Character education attacks bullying with total immersion in the concept of authentic respect for others. Respect is seen in those who: know that others have value; and always show that they value others appropriately. Character education attacks bullying by helping young people understand and embrace this vital quality, putting it […]

Character Education Attacks Bullying – Compassion

Character education attacks bullying by providing convincing, clear teaching on compassion. Compassion is sometimes referred to as “caring” in character education circles. While there may be actual differences in meaning, the teaching of either can do much to eradicate bullying. Caring is a word that most children and teens readily […]

Character for Schools: Are We There Yet?

Long, long ago, in a kingdom called Earth, a group of mighty princes gathered to decide how they could improve life in the kingdom. One proffered one idea, a second another, etc. They discussed each, noting its merits, but laid them all aside. They wanted something bigger – better. “I’ve […]

Teaching Kindness to Destroy Bullying

Teaching kindness is a part of raising children. It is a part of teaching toddler through teen ages. Along with teaching kindness, parents and teachers often get involved in a fight to destroy bullying. In a recent study, 77% of students said they had been bullied. Think about it. […]

Demand the Best Character Education!

The best character education program requires not the biggest, most popular program, but effective application of absolute values for absolute results. Those who are serious about character building know instinctively that such things as size and popularity are neither requirements nor quality indicators – yet some programs act as though […]

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