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Christmas Character

Christmas character should be a given, shouldn’t it? I don’t mean your favorite character in a Christmas story or pageant. This isn’t about Christmas character cards with Mickey Mouse and friends celebrating the holiday. Nor is it about Christmas characters that decorate lawns and gardens, boxes and bags. I mean […]

Miss USA’s Character

Miss USA’s character – or lack thereof – made news this week. Trampling underfoot the contract she signed when she accepted the crown, Miss Kentucky showed her lack of respect for those who enthroned her, as well as her lack of self-control. Miss USA’s character should be an example for […]

KGOY and Character MIA

KGOY and Character MIA. The combination presents a challenge to parents, teachers, and others who work with young people. It opens the doorway to our global society’s certain demise – and we’re racing through that open doorway at full speed. KGOY is an acronym for “Kids Getting Older Younger” and […]

Character and New Year’s Resolutions

Character and New Year’s resolutions should be close companions. If they are, the chances of us keeping our resolutions increase tremendously. Consider basic self-control. Self-control is vital to the keeping of every resolution made – at the beginning of a new year or at some other time. It’s vital to […]

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