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National Character Counts Week – in Your Home

Did your children treat you with respect every day of this past week? Did they speak to you in respectful voices? Did they listen attentively when you spoke to them? Did they respect your wishes, and comply readily with them? Just think about it a moment. Did you show respect […]

Character Counts – In Fighting Drug Use

This week is Red Ribbon Campaign Week – a time for schools and communities to take a stand against drug use. It is also a time to remember Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, a drug enforcement officer who was murdered in Mexico City twenty years ago by the drug traffickers he sought […]

Character Counts – But You Cannot Buy It

I have followed some of the earthquake relief effort in the Pakistan, India, and Kashmir region. There is a great deal of compassion being shown by the leaders of those countries. As one Associated Press report noted: “India said it would allow Pakistanis across the cease-fire line in the disputed […]

A Case of Character

It’s flu season. To be more specific, it’s influenza season. Influenza is, according to “Merriam Webster Online Dictionary”: “an acute highly contagious disease caused by any of several single-stranded RNA viruses and characterized by sudden onset, fever, prostration, severe aches and pains, and progressive inflammation of the respiratory mucous membrane.” […]

Character Counts at Halloween?

Now here’s a question, especially for young adults. Does character count at Halloween, or is this a time of year when anything goes in the name of “fun” and celebration? It’s only a few days until that All Saints evening that has been taken over by devils instead of saints, […]

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