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Good Character Impacts Political Correctness

Consider this: How does the exercise of good character impact political correctness? It does, of course. Good character impacts every decision we make during any given day – and it definitely impinges on the territory of political correctness. There’s an example in today’s news that, although it comes from the […]

Optimism & Joy – Important Factors in Productivity

Congratulations to Nuzwerk, an IT company in Leipzig, Germany! They decided to officially demand at least two qualities from the list of character traits. Their new policy requires every employee to sign a contract agreeing to be optimistic and joyful all day at work. They call it remaining in “a […]

Character-in-Action Wears Shoes of Kindness

I just read a true story that is an excellent example of kindness being exercised. I’ll change the names, and let you see what I mean. The story involves two individuals in a small town – the kind of town where everybody knows everybody else – a town with a […]

Character-in-Action Wears Shoes of Tolerance

It also cries out against intolerance practiced in the name of tolerance. The University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire needs to put the shoes of proper tolerance on a certain policy that led to gross intolerance this past summer. The November 4, 2005 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel […]

Character Counts When Caring for Children

Character counts every moment of every day and night when you are caring for children. It counts whether the children are newborns or teenagers. It counts whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, nurse, or other care giver. Character counts in physical care. Look at a complete list of character […]

Character Counts in the Care of Animals

Thinking today along the lines of yesterday’s blog, I’m considering how character counts when we are caring for animals. So much of this are of life is like caring for children, and character counts. It counts whether the animals are house pets, wild animals, or zoo inhabitants. It counts whether […]

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