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Within Driving Distance of Character

Is Character your true destination? Do you want to become a citizen of that great and gleaming metropolis? Do you want to be known as a man of Character – or a woman of Character? How close are you to Character? Within driving distance? Are you close enough to the […]

Discretion Versus Talebearing

I was reading a short article today about talebearing. You know: talking about other people; spreading rumors; gossiping; tattling, if you’re a child. The article made me think about what character trait would be applied to avoid talebearing. At first I couldn’t think of one. I reached for my handy […]

Character – Teaching to the Test

From the first time I met it, as a junior in high school, I have disliked the practice of teaching to the test. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I had learned to study all of the material presented, and be tested on whatever portion of that material teachers included on their […]

Character – Built with Punishment?

A recent news item says that two secondary schools in Hartford, Connecticut are punishing students for swearing at teachers. Students whose lack of respect is so overpowering that it bursts forth in swearing as they defy teachers and administrators are being fined $103.00. If the student cannot pay the fine, […]

Generosity and Compassion are Still Alive

Generosity and compassion are still alive in the small town of Russiaville, Ind. I believe it is safe to say a host of other character traits also live in that farming community. Late in June of this past year, the community grieved as one of their farmers, 64-year old Mr. […]

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