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Character Is Never Offended by Truth

In Texas, a lawmaker wants the University of Texas not to treat an Asian-American fraternity the same way other fraternities on campus have been treated when accused of hazing. He thinks it might offend the Asian community. Never mind the alcohol-related death of a freshman fraternity member. Instead of suspending […]

No Name-Calling When You Focus on Character

Your local schools may be close to perfect, but name-calling is one area in which they probably fight an ongoing battle. Name-calling is verbal abuse, and can have both immediate and lasting effects. I’m not talking only about the gross names that today’s young people dare to fling at one […]

Character Finds Contentment without Gadgets

Yesterday, while reading about the International Consumer Electronics Show, I noticed that the buzzwords for consumer electronics in 2006 are supposed to be “content everywhere.” In other words, the plethora of electronic gadgets introduced at that show is aimed at making men and women content, no matter where they are. […]

“No Name-calling” Meets Character Education

Character education programs usually include lessons on those character traits considered basic by a committee within a given school district. They may acquire their list of character traits in any of several ways, but the list is normally fairly short. Ask me about “no name-calling.” “No name-calling” does not appear […]

Fairness Never Takes Advantage of Others

Fairness is still on my mind today, as I just completed a 5-page article for parents and teachers who want to help young people build fairness into their lives. Fairness is the character trait of the month on our premium membership site and it is there that I posted my […]

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