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Character Backbone

Backbone. What is it? I don’t mean your physical backbone, that axial skeleton of your trunk made up of vertebrae and protecting your spinal cord. I mean character backbone. What is that kind of backbone – and do you have it? Character backbone is the moral excellence and resoluteness that […]

Character Education Should Include Optimism

I never heard of John S. A. Edwards until recently. Little wonder about that. Mr. Edwards is involved in a business much different from Character-in-Action, where I spend my days. John Edwards is Sutcliffe Professor of Catering Management and Director of the Worshipful Company of Cooks Centre for Culinary Research […]

Character Education Resources

You are interested in character education, and that’s good. I don’t know whether your interest is for yourself, for your children, or for students. Maybe it is for your community. But as I was sitting here thinking about you and your work, I began thinking about the resources you have […]

Valentine’s Day Character

When I lived in Japan, more years ago than I care to recall, no one celebrated Valentine’s Day. When I lived in New Zealand, ten years ago, few people celebrated Valentine’s Day. Now, however, it seems that the commercialization of the day has spread to those countries and more. Today, […]

Matchmaking Character

Thinking yesterday about Japan and Valentine’s Day, I remembered the matchmaking that was common when we lived in Japan. I thought about a twenty-six-year old girl in one of our English classes – whose parents used a matchmaker to find Chieko a husband. Each side supplied the “go-between” with full […]

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