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Character beyond Hearsay

We need teachers who know character personally, and not merely by hearsay. Experience has taught me that the best educators, professional or parents, build character well when they build first in their own lives. They study character first for themselves. That is, they do not study character primarily to get […]

A Few of My Puzzling Things

You’ve heard “The Sound of Music’s” Maria sing about her favorite things, haven’t you? I have many favorite things, but I have a few puzzling things also. It puzzles me that some educators don’t seem to see the huge benefits of top notch character education – benefits for everyone concerned. […]

Character at the Olympic Games

If you’ve been watching the events at the Olympic Games, you’ve undoubtedly heard the word “character” mentioned by reporters. I know I have. Certain character traits are indeed exhibited by many of the athletes: determination, commitment, and persistence are perhaps most visible. Whether these are well-developed character traits that permeate […]

Character Is Consistent!

Last week, I did something I rarely do. I read a lecture on character that was given by a psychologist. I rarely do this because I believe psychologists are too often prone to offer explanations that relieve people of responsibility. They frequently open broad escape routes that allow us to […]

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