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Character with Fireworks – Part 2

The other day, I wrote about thriftiness in regard to consumer fireworks. Thrifty or not, many will buy fireworks in the next few days, and that brings me to a second point. Character with fireworks calls for consideration – the ninth quality on our list of character traits. Adults […]

Character with Fireworks – Part 3

In this third part of reflections on Independence Day and the fireworks with which so many celebrate it, I’m thinking about responsibility. Character with fireworks calls for responsibility – the 54th quality on our list of character traits. Anyone who uses or participates in using fireworks needs to exercise responsibility. […]

Character Education – Motivation

The French soccer star said he is sorry for head-butting an Italian opponent during the World Cup Soccer Match final last Sunday. He did not say exactly what insult infuriated him so greatly. The Italian said something to him that was “very harsh” and repeated that something, but the French […]

Character Chooses Thoroughness Over Speed

When my father died, I received several books from his library. One is a small book for fourth grade students. It is filled with short stories and poems by various authors. Most of its stories encourage and illustrate high moral values. In other words, it teaches character. I was reading […]

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