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Responsibility Can Reduce Stress!

Responsibility is a great stress reliever for parents, teachers, and employers among others. Responsibility is that character trait in children, teens, and adults that makes them do every job to the best of their ability, even when nobody is around to notice. Character building in children shapes the heart of […]

The World Is an Orchard: Fruit of the Spirit, Part I

The world is an orchard – a vast, enveloping orchard of people appearing as trees. Hardly an inch of land lies untouched by the trees, foliage rioting outward and upward into a rich canopy. As we look at the orchard, we discern little difference among the trees. The bark and […]

Christian Character Traits are Robust – Part 1

Christian character traits are robust, unlike the world’s frail moral values. The very fact that they have stood the test of many millennia proves their vigor even to the open-minded non-Christian. Their longevity does not explain their robustness. Evil has enjoyed nearly equal longevity. So why dare we call Christian […]

Christian Character Traits are Robust – Part 2

Christian character traits are robust, unlike the world’s frail moral values. In Part One 0f this article, we looked at several reasons to call Christian character traits robust: We ran out of time as we were about to consider: Regaining Robust Character Traits – how can we regain strong moral […]

Teaching Christian Character Traits

Teaching Christian character traits is not the same as teaching the world’s character traits. That is why Christian character traits are not taught in most secular settings. They are rejected because Christian character traits are drawn directly from the Bible. They are defined by God, and they are absolutes. Teaching […]

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