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Character Education in the Schools

We’ve been at it for centuries. Educators call it character education in the schools, while in less formal settings, we call it character building. The question is, “Why do we bother with a character education program?” I watch the daily news, and I wonder, “Are we really making any […]

Character Education is a Challenge

Character education challenges educators today as few other subjects do. Schools have always taught character, in one manner or another. Even the schools of ancient civilizations had character education, so it is neither a recent discovery nor a new discipline. What is new about character education is a tendency to […]

Disaster – An Opportunity to Teach Compassion

Compassion or caring, it’s the same character trait by either name – and the teacher inside me tried to force me out of bed to write this last night. I managed to sleep instead, but this morning I began thinking again about the opportunity a disaster presents to teach […]

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