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What Would Make YOURS an Ideal School?

We relocated recently to Hoodsport, Washington. Hoodsport is a beautiful spot, but if you were moving a family here, some things might be more important to you than Hoodsport’s beauty. You would probably ask: “Are the schools good?” What would you mean by “good”? What do you think makes an […]

Test Your Character Knowledge

How hard can it be? Answer true or false to the following questions, then check your answers at the bottom and get your score. (Hint: Those who cheat have much to learn about character.) 1.    __________ Everyone has character. 2.    __________ Character is subjective. 3.    __________ Character is a […]

“Character Doesn’t Matter”

… until things get personal! During the 1992 presidential campaign, our nation was told by one side that “character doesn’t matter” – only an individual’s ability to get the job done. The opposition contended that character does matter – that you can’t be one kind of man and another […]

FAITHFUL: Firm, Steadfast, True, Loyal, Constant

Every man or woman who is serious about character building is serious about faithfulness. There is no shadow of change in a person who exercises faithfulness. If you are married, the love you show to your spouse today is the same you showed on your wedding day – deeper, […]

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