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Attentiveness Can Be a Matter of Life or Death

As spring arrives in Montana, the elk – as well as mule deer, white tail deer, and moose – all begin to leave the river valleys where we have watched them winter, making their way to summer homes high in the Bitterroot Mountains, developing velvet as their antlers grow. These […]

You’ve Got Responsibility – or Have You?

Say not “the phone bill got lost,” but “I lost the phone bill.” You used “company time” last Tuesday to attend your child’s soccer game. Remember? As a result, you couldn’t complete those journal entries, but your alibi was that you were swamped all week. Why, then, did you erupt […]

Responsibility Does Not Play with Words

Don’t be caught renaming actions to make them sound better. As Shakespeare observed, “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” That which we call irresponsibility, by any other name will still be a lack of character. •    Little white lies are full-fledged lying. […]

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