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“The Character Family Visits Ophlemia”

(A fantasy-adventure with food for thought.) Honesty, the biggest and oldest of the Character children, stared through the giant silver spaceship’s round, blue glass window. “We’ve visited Ophlemia before, haven’t we, Father?” Honesty asked. Father nodded. “Yes,” he said, “the Character family visited Ophlemia long ago. In fact, we lived […]

Galen and Gabby Goose Learn Faithfulness

A story about Faithfulness for children 3-8 years old Once upon a time, there were two little Canada geese that lived in the far north of Canada. The little boy goose was named Galen and the little girl goose was named Gabby. Galen and Gabby were very good friends. Each […]

It Was Regina’s Responsibility

A true story about Responsibility for children 3 – 10 years old Regina wriggled in her seat as she waited for lunch to end. She wouldn’t have much time for soccer if the teacher didn’t dismiss them soon. Just then, the teacher spoke. “Sports closet responsibility is Regina’s today,” he […]

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