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Punctuality Tips and Strategies

Punctuality tips and strategies can increase the ease and speed with which we build this important character trait. Most adults understand the basic meaning of punctuality. We know that punctual people meet obligations or complete necessary tasks before a previously named time. Punctuality involves more than that, however, and only […]

Teaching Generosity to Adults

Teaching generosity to adults can be a challenge. Maybe you head up an adult character club and are trying to convey a good, solid definition of generosity to other adults. Maybe you work with young adults, preparing them for realistic life. Maybe you yourself are looking in the mirror and […]

Perseverance unto Death

They married on October 25, 1928. He was twenty-one years old, going on twenty-two. She was nineteen. He was a fun-loving, adventurous, hard-working, and frugal young man. She was a hard-working, frugal young woman who had little time for adventure. As for fun, she often warned, “Never laugh before breakfast!” […]

Firing Tips for Character-Centered Leaders

Firing tips for character-centered leaders are an important part of a strong organization’s fabric, the substance of good employee relations. Firing tips help you handle this critical process properly. Employees show limited interest in newcomers, and your hiring process does little to affect relationships within the organization. That does not […]

Character Is Painfully Honest

Character is painfully honest, as I was reminded this week when reading the “apology” of Michael Vick, suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback who plead guilty to a federal dog-fighting conspiracy charge. Do I mean Vick was painfully honest? Not at all. Let’s look at the facts. As do most celebrities […]

Honesty in Government

Mr. Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidate, released an ad this week in which he says that government needs honesty. Well – not quite. Mr. Obama said the country needs honesty when it comes to talking about Social Security. Honesty, claims Mr. Obama, is the only way to fix the system. […]

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