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Tolerance – Trait of Controversy

Tolerance has become a character trait of controversy. Most, if not all, of us have encountered the word tolerance – and many have realized that this character trait generates controversy. Why is that? Why do arguments erupt over a character trait? Controversy is generated due to the tension that exists […]

Modern Tolerance

Modern tolerance affects young people negatively! You read that correctly. When children and teenagers learn and act upon modern tolerance, their behavior is negatively impacted. Young people who buy into modern tolerance lose their objective standard of truth when they accept the teaching that it is intolerant to label anything […]

Chew on This

A thought about tolerance. “Morals are individual, relativists argue, therefore we ought to tolerate others’ viewpoints and not pass judgment on their behavior and attitudes. It should be obvious that this attempt commits suicide. It fails through contradiction. There is no tolerance in relativism, because the moral obligation to […]

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