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Consistency or Ritalin?

Which would you choose? Do you have one or more children in your care who take Ritalin or a similar psychiatric drug? Were those children diagnosed with ADHD? That is, did someone along the way decide they were excessively hyperactive? Some young people may need and benefit from psychiatric help, […]

A Very Consistent Critic

This music magazine editor was so consistent that everyone knew before the first note of music sounded what to expect in his next issue. The following is from a Stephen Pile book, “Cannibals in the Cafeteria: and Other Fabulous Failures” published by Harper Collins in January 1990. Any critic can […]

Consistency, Responsibility, and a Freedom Wardrobe

The ongoing interest in C. S. Lewis’ (1898-1963) “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” gives us a ready tool for teaching consistency to children and teens. As a bonus, it also teaches responsibility. Consistency has firm rules. It is vital that we remember this, as only firm rules teach […]

Think about Consistency

Consistency begins with a decision to embrace character and yield willingly as a loyal servant to moral excellence. Men and women who build strong character always become its servants. They willingly and conscientiously do whatever it is that character demands of them. They do their best to fulfill the demands […]

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