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Character or Tolerance – Choose!

The air waves are filled these days with talk of tolerance. We are urged to tolerate this lifestyle or that religion, or this or that idea. In the rampant cultural Marxism that is political correctness, we are being told that everything and everyone must be tolerated. Correction. We are being […]

Teaching Tolerance

As we began the new year last week, I had occasion to read several things on the Internet about teaching tolerance to children and teenagers. Most educators and those teaching character lean toward teaching tolerance as acceptance – of nearly everything. The exercise of tolerance, educators and coaches tell us, […]

Christian Character Traits – a Source of Blessing

Christian character traits are a source of great blessing to those who build and exercise them consistently. Such traits make our lives more peaceful, and that itself brings us deep happiness. There is more, however, to the happiness produced by Christian character traits. Think about it with me for a […]

Character in Presidential Campaigns

“Character doesn’t matter,” a previous U.S. presidential candidate quipped nearly 20 years ago. It seems his words were taken to heart. As the world listens to and watches current campaigns, a number of candidates are showing that they believe his statement. The economy matters. The immigration issue matters (though not […]

Is Character Lacking in Political Figures?

Let me begin by saying that this is not intended as an analysis of every political figure. Just as each one has distinctive physical features, so each has distinctive moral features. The question is this: Do the majority of our political figures model moral excellence or something less? Governor Spitzer […]

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